A $59 Prediction Timepiece

My Lousy Inheritance

A novel way of predicting the time using a pill box,, & a pair of dice. A miniature electronic miracle. Examinable!

My Lousy Inheritance Prediction Watch

Welcome to the world of “Wow!” Timepieces for every budget.

One of magic's hottest effects!  A watch is placed in a box.  Spectator tosses two die to select a random time. When he picks up watch, his time is set on the watch. No forces. Self-contained. Performer never touches watch.
This deal is for I.B.M. and SAM members & mentalists. To keep it exclusive we ask that you apply a unique COUPON CODE. He’s a deceased mentalist with an 8 character last name. His name begins with an ‘A’ and ends with ‘nn’.
Enter his name (lowercase) in the COUPON CODE area upon checking out & your bottom-line price will magically drop to  


This super-saver deal is limited to one watch & accessory package per user. While we love working with dealers, re-sellers, wholesalers, and distributors, this group is not eligible for this deal because of limited inventory.

This is a Whopping $65 Savings Over our Regular Price

Don’t Miss Out – Only 5 watches available

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