Prediction Timepieces That Will Make You Smile

Thank’s for visiting our store. We specialize in producing the finest prediction timepieces for professionals, amateurs and collectors. Started by Fred Hager in 1995, hundreds of timepieces were sold under the name of “Blown Away”.
Our electronics team has updated the Blown Away collection to include ‘high-tech’ remote models. As you browse, you’ll see a HUGE product line – pocket watches, wristwatches, desk clocks, remote grandfather clocks, plus one-of-a-kind models that deliver devastating psychic entertainment. Our redesigned silent transmitter, with 3 modes of operation, is freaken crazy. It blows away everything else out there!
Weekly, we plan to update our catalog with vintage estate magic. Many of these items are rare & collectible from dealers such as P&L, Anverdi, Supreme, Owens, Rings N’ Things, Mak Magic, etc. To keep abreast of all this stuff & to take advantage of exclusive offers, be sure and sign up as a member of the Magician’s Cottage. You may do so by clicking HERE.
We hope this website will ignite a spark of excitement & anticipation as you explore magic not seen elsewhere. We extend a warm welcome to you.
Best regards,
Fred Hager
Matthew Hager
Magician’s Cottage, LLC