Blown Away Pro Watch

Pro Prediction Wristwatch, Blown Away Prediction Watch

Equipped with a 45 second warp speed engine that you can stop on a dime. Devastating mentalism!

With the Blown Away PRO watch, you perform like a pro!

The Pro Wristwatch has the same appearance as the Premier with its 45-second high octane V8 engine that you can stop and start whenever you want. You also have “wiggle room” to fine-tune the ‘movement’. Predict with precision and confidence! The handsome two-tone bracelet is a classy alternative to leather straps & complements the stylish, sporty look of the watch. It doesn’t have a thin “girlie” appearance and will be a watch you’ll be proud to wear day after day.
You can even predict the time while the spectator holds the watch. We offer over 20 ‘trigger’ devices that allow you to perform without touching any part of the watch. High impact mentalism that’s defies explanation! Satisfaction Guaranteed – or your money back.

Save up to $139 during our Fall Blowout Sale. Limited Quantities.

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Wristwatch Bracelet Covered by Bill in Spectators Hand

Set the time and place watch in SPECTATOR’S HAND. Cover with the $1 bill. Spectator announces time. Bill is “Blown Away”. The times match. AT NO TIME DOES THE PERFORMER TOUCH THE WATCH.

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