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Timepieces and Collectible Estate Magic (Click Picture To See More)

Pro Wristwatch

Equipped with a 45 second warp speed engine that you can stop on a dime. Devastating mentalism!

Place watch in spectator’s palm. Cover with bill. A time is announced. Blow bill away. Spectator picks up watch. The times match. HUGE IMPACT. Everything can be examined. A potential Penn and Teller fooler!

My Lousy Inheritance

A novel way of predicting the time using a pill box, a $1, & a pair of dice. A miniature electronic miracle. Examinable!

Blown Away Hypnotic Watch

Hypnotize someone “the old fashioned way” — using a watch & chain. Under your spell, she reveals a significant time in her life. You immediately ‘wake’ her up. She picks up the watch. The times match! Totally baffling! Totally entertaining!

Classic Grandfather Prediction Clock Pro 3

Imagine the reaction seeing a selected time appear on a clock located over 20 ft. away from you. It has a 45 second warp-speed movement. Yet it’s totally in your control. Our small silent transmitter has 3 modes of operation. State-of-the-art technology.

Next of Boxes

A borrowed coin appears inside a nest of boxes. This magnificent apparatus was produced by Grant, circa 1960. It’s brilliantly made and is a real fooler. The quality & finish of these boxes is unbelievable. Ideal for the stage performer. It’s also in high demand for collectors of fine magical apparatus.

Temple of Goo Jack D. Ruda

Created by Jack Ruda, this is a stage size version of “The Temple of Goo”. Made from exquisite woods & using state-of-the-art electronics, it delivers devastating mentalism. RARE–Only 3 made. Mint Condition.

In Brief Collectors Workshop Mentalism

A rare mentalism effect created by Collector’s Workshop. A predicted time appears on a clock inside a black drawstring bag that is inside an attaché case. Spectator removes clock from bag. This product is seldom seen in pristine condition.

Ring in Gumball Machine, a Ray Lum original. Scarce. MINT CONDITION. What the pros really want. Mechanism is 100% FOOL-PROOF. Lots of extra rings plastic inserts included. With heavy-duty metal stand.

Nostradamus Prediction Chest

Nostradamus Prediction Chest. The Mercedes of Headline Predictions! Made with beautiful inlaid woods. A marvelous piece of workmanship that delivers devastating mentalism. Do the prediction effect with a cassette tape or with a leather card case that comes with the apparatus.

A novel way to reinforce your card skills. Put holographic Bicycle ‘Shark card’ in deck. Force card. Enjoy the smiles!

Magic Mirror Schwarzman

Schwartman’s  Magic Mirror (with case). Audience sees sponge balls visibly penetrate a large mirror. Performer walks away & a silk scarf slowly penetrates mirror.

Lester Lake Guillotine

A masterpiece from Lester Lake! MINT Condition. Heavy duty model.

Ultimate Electronic Psychic Lie Detector with 3 flashing lights & buzzes with an obnoxious LOUD sound when spectator lies.

Anverdi Card Box

Anverdi Card Box. Excellent condition. Works flawlessly. The box and gimmick has been “updated” to work with Blue Back Bicycle Cards. A rare find. You’ll love it!