Blown Away Watch Premier

Premier Prediction Wristwatch

Equipped with an amazing 45- second ‘engine’ that stops on a dime. It can then move (at your command) 1 minute at a time. BULLS-EYE. YOU NAILED IT.

Innovative Technology! This is a New Release limited to a production of 25 units. This watch has it all. An amazing 45-second supercharged engine that you can stop and start whenever you want. So easy to control. You have the option of ‘stopping the engine’ — and then advancing it exactly ‘one minute at a time’. You can do it without even looking. Predict with precision and total confidence. There’s nothing else like it! Get it while you can.
You can even predict the time while the spectator is holding the watch. See photo below. We offer 20 methods to trigger the watch. A hands-off approach makes magic look real. High impact, direct mentalism.

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Wristwatch Bracelet Covered by Bill in Spectators Hand

Set the time and place watch in SPECTATOR’S HAND. Cover with the $1 bill. Spectator announces time. Bill is “Blown Away”. The times match. AT NO TIME DOES THE PERFORMER TOUCH THE WATCH.