“Blown Away” $1 Bill


The Blown Away $1 bill is such a versatile, organic prop. Predict the time with the watch in your hand, the spectator's hand, or on a table. What makes these effects so mind-boggling and unexplainable is that you never touch the props once they are in spectator's hands or on the table. The bill and your special watch does it all. The bill's M.O. is twice as powerful as our original. You certainly won't leave home without it.
Because it looks so ordinary, it can be examined. It can also be accidentally spent or misplaced if you're not careful. Don't laugh, we've done it! That's why we recommend professionals and amateurs to have a backup bill. It's a great insurance policy!
What also makes close examination possible is that we only select $1 bills that meet stringent standards. Over 90% of the bills we examine are rejected because they don't meet our criteria for making a gimmicked bill that can be examined. These uniquely cut bills are getting harder and harder to find. So take our advice. Get that insurance policy. It's an investment that will give you peace of mind. Our bills work with the Blown Away Pocket Watch and Wristwatch

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Wristwatch Bracelet Covered by Bill in Spectators Hand

Set the time and place watch in SPECTATOR’S HAND. Cover with the $1 bill. Spectator announces time. Bill is “Blown Away”. The times match. AT NO TIME DOES THE PERFORMER TOUCH THE WATCH.

Premier Pro Wristwatch Blown Away Performers Hand

Mentalist places his watch in his hand and covers his prediction with a $1 bill. Spectator announces time. $1 is blown away. Spectator picks up watch. The time matches!

Premier Signature Wristwatch Blown Away Bill
Pro Wristwatch With Blown Away Dollar Bill

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