A Bottle of Coke

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This is a rare, collectible item produced by Abbott out of Colon Michigan many decades ago. It is in excellent working condition. The props have only been gently used. You receive a special coke bottle, a unique gimmick that fits inside the bottle, 2 silks, a 'hook' shot glass with a leak-proof cover, 2 bottle caps, and a bottle opener. (Bag used in photos not supplied, as any bag can be used.)
Effect:A bottle of coke is shown and placed in a previously shown empty paper bag. The top is closed and the bag is handed to a volunteer assistant
Performer displays a silk and (using one of the many known methods) vanishes the silk. Performer takes the bag from the assistant. The bottle is removed and the the silk appears inside the bottle. To remove the silk, the performer needs to remove the cap with a bottle opener. The missing 'coke' appears in a shot glass.
Although this was produced at least 40 years ago, it still is a real fooler. Excellent condition. Very clever M.O.

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Bottle of Coke

Audience sees performer display a capped bottle of coca cola.

Bottle of Coke

Bottle is placed inside any bag. Bag is not gimmicked.

Bottle of Coke

Performer removes the coke bottle from bag. Spectators see the vanished silk. reappear in the bottle.

Bottle of Coke

An silk is displayed and performer, using his favorite method, vanishes the silk. He then removes the coke bottle from bag. Audience sees silk inside capped bottle. Performer can remove silk from bottle if he chooses to do so.

Bottle of Coke

Performer then magically produces a shot glass containing the ‘missing’ coke.



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