Allan Hayden’s Fancy Ring Routine

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Fancy Ring Routine by Allan Hayden
First Edition
Saddle Stitched
Softback Cover
Copyright 1983
Excellent Condition
This is one hilarious entertaining routine! It has about 23 Illustrations to make it easy to learn, and includes the complete patter for the routine. It uses 5 rings –one key, two singles and a chain of two.

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Table of Contents


The Effect
The Method
THe proper Order
The Count
Your First Link & Unlink
The Fake Pull-Through
Linking and Unlinking the Unlinkable
     The Fake Link
     Unlinking the Unlinked
That’s Thumb Link!
A single Switch
Space Gag
The Drop Link
The triple Unlink
Pretty Patterns
     The Get-Ready (Thank you!)
     Chain of Five (Ooooooooooooh!)
     Four on one (Pretty!)
The Big Finish (Taking Them Apart


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