Anverdi Surprise Card Box

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This is one of our favorite Anverdi products that works flawlessly. No scratches, nicks, etc on the card box. The box and gimmick has been “updated” to work with Blue Back Bicycle Cards.
The original version appeared to use cards manufactured in the UK. The gimmick is made extremely well. Complete with original instructions.

RARE – Don't Let This One Get Away


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Anverdi Card Box

Anverdi Card Box
Anverdi Card Box



The box is opened to display two decks. One deck is removed from the box. The box is placed on the table with the lid partially open. The deck is cut into two piles in front of a spectator and each pile is ribbon-spread.
The spectator is told that he will now be hypnotized. [Instructions say, “I use a dollar bill, which I hand to the spectator and tell him that he is now in my power and will do whatever I suggest]. The spectator is told to remove one card from either spread and look at it, thus impressing it upon his memory.
Spectator places his chosen card on top of a pile. The spread containing his card is closed. Spectator is asked to cut his card into the center. [Performer that demonstrates how spectator is to look at each card and then drop it, face down into the box compartment. I drop in about two of the cards from my pile]
The audience is now told of the hypnotic suggestion: The Spectator will not be able to place his chosen card back into the box. Spectator looks at each card carefully before placing it into the box. The box will close as he looks at his card!


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