Beer Can Watch Accessory


This is a hollowed out beer that can easily hold one of your larger PK magnets. It's easy to do as the top screws on and off. It's a perfect fit!
Once inside it's ready to trigger your wristwatch. Suitable for private parties, nightclubs, etc. It's an exact duplicate of the real thing.
You can place the can a good distance from the watch. To stop the movement, pick it up, or move it using your fingers. Easy to do. And it blows everyone away!
Another feature is that you won't spill any beer!


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In the right setting, this prop could make you a god. Simply hold the can and mingle around with your group. When you’re ready, do the perfect wristwatch prediction.
So unbelievable. While you may not use it daily, it’s a powerful accessory to have in your arsenal for “cocktail party” bookings.
We guarantee no one would expect a beer can to be gaffed. Supply your own PK gimmick.


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