Blindman’s Blown Away Watch

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For entertainers who perform in dimly lit settings or have difficulty focusing, we crafted these watches with dark/wide hands that can be seen up to a distance of 12 ft. This works well when working on stage with several spectators, or working tables at restaurants.
The Blindman's Blown Away watch is an upscale stylish timepiece that can be be held by the finger tips or with the timepiece nestled in your palm. It functions in a similar manner as our Blown Away Watch PRO.
It has a 45-second supercharged engine that allows you to perform at a brisk pace. While 'fast', you also have control. Stop and start is a breeze with either method of holding the watch. And, you can even 'tweek' the movement.
Easy to do. No awkward moves. Hitting the 'bulls eye' can be done without 'stopping & starting' & without touching the watch. This BONUS PACKAGE includes the watch, a Blown Away $1 Bill & The Mother of All PK Pens, that provide additional methods of 'triggering' the watch without touching IT.

This special deal saves you $80 bucks!

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Blindman's Blown Away Watch

Two-Tone Stainless Steel Buckle Clasp for Blown Away Pro Watch

Guaranteed to fit your wrist.

Men’s Luxury Two Tone Stainless Steel Buckle Clasp Watch Band (18–22MM)

Blindman's Blown Away Wristwatch
This watch is so unique you can predict the time with the SPECTATOR HOLDING IT. We all know mentalism is stronger that way.
The Blindman’s Blown Away Watch works with tons of accessories. Nail the time without ‘touching’ the watch. You always ‘predict’ with precision and with confidence.
It’s reliable. We eliminated things that could break or malfunction like external wiring, switches, etc.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. 15-day money-back guarantee.


Remember: This special deal saves you $80 bucks


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