Blown Away – Bull’s Eye Watch

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You won't find a Westclox Bull's Eye Pocket Watch anywhere in new condition. And that's because the Westclox factory burned down January 1, 2012. This watch is even rare to find in used condition. So in addition to acquiring a well known brand name watch that is both RARE & COLLECTIBLE, you also get one gimmicked to perform the exclusive Blown Away effect. We only have one of these models.
To gimmick any Westclox pocket watch, we must first remove the original movement and then insert one of our warp-speed 45-second movements. It is labor intensive, but we felt you would want a watch that not only looks great, but is also a well-known brand. We also knew you wanted a fast yet controllable movement that's triggered by several organic props, such as a $1 bill or BIC pen. With either method, you never touch the watch!
This package deal includes the watch, two $1 bills AND a gimmicked pen so you have two methods of predicting the time for repeat performances. The extra $1 bill is a great insurance policy in the event you accidentally misplace or spend the original. This bundle saves you $37.00.

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Blown Away Bulls Eye Watch
Blown Away Bulls Eye Watch
Blown Away Pen for Westclox Bulls Eye Pocket Watch
You display a Westclox pocket watch. Patter could be something like, “This is an heirloom given to me by my great Grandfather”. He said, “It could predict any time that a person is thinking of”.  The pocket watch is placed on a table after the mentalist makes his prediction by setting the time.(For stand-up work, you can perform Blown Away with the watch in your palm or in spectator’s palm!
The watch is now covered with a $1 bill, so no one can see the face. The spectator for the first time reveals the time he is thinking of. This time is noted & the mentalist “BLOWS” away the $1 bill without touching the watch.  It reveals the exact time thought of by the spectator. The watch & bill can be picked up by the spectator and examined. This “ORIGINAL  WESTCLOX  WATCH” is equipped with an enhanced internal design that makes it so easy to do the effect.



• Dazzle your audience within 45 seconds.
• Do it anywhere, anytime – sitting down, standing
• Do it with watch and $1 bill resting in spectator’s palm, or your own palm. There are no superlatives to describe how strong this is!
• Even seasoned professionals don’t have a clue.
• Spectators picks up the watch.  You don’t touch it.
• Predict the time without using the bill. 
• Unveil the time at your discretion. 
• No awkward moves. No buttons to push.
• Learn the effect in 5 minutes. Instant reset.
• It’s a handsome functioning timepiece. 
• It’s examinable (including the $1 bill)
• Easy to replace battery. No jeweler required.
• Lots of accessories to vary your presentation
• An extra $1 bill is included plus a gimmicked BIC pen. See above picture. For repeat performances simply borrow any bill. Place it a good distance away from the watch. The pen does all the dirty work. Using this method, you can have the SPECTATOR BLOW AWAY THE BILL.

This is one jaw-dropping effect!



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