Blown Away Deck of Cards


Spectator(s) predict the time on a watch previously placed in a card case. Case visible to spectators during entire routine. Absolutely no forcing involved. Dynamite stuff for the card worker. Other close-up artists may choose other methods for the time selection. A p_ _ _ wallet or business card case is ideal. You have many choices.

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A randomly selected time appears on a watch previously placed inside a card case.
EFFECT: Spectator removes over half of the cards from a Bicycle Deck and performs a set of routines. He then displays his pocket watch and places it in the card box with the remaining cards. Front and back of card case is shown. He comments that he is going to conclude his set with an uncanny prediction.
Performer asks three spectators to select one of the remaining cards on the table. (This is a free selection.) Spectators arrange the cards to form a time. For example, if a 5, 10, and Jack are chosen, they could be arranged “Jack, 10, 5” representing the time of 11:15. (No force). Performer picks up deck, opens the cover, and slides the watch face down on the table. (The remaining cards are returned to the deck). Both sides of deck are visible to audience. A spectator picks up the watch. The time is 11:15.

We cannot think of a more powerful killer ending to any card routine.


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