Blown Away Discount Deal #3

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Save $94. No rainchecks. No Holds.


Save $94       Limited Time & Quantities

No Rainchecks. No Holds.

Based on your input, we are changing the way we sell watch accessories. Instead of providing prepackaged deals, we are now offering 4 groups of accessories at different price points. Now you can select the stuff you want and save up to $96.
For example, in Deal #1 you can choose 2 accessories from a selection of 5; in Deal 2, pick 4 out of 8. The more you get, the more you save.
When checking out, note your accessory selections under 'Order Notes'. Have fun lookin' & pickin'.


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Links to Accessories in Discount Deal #3

Gaffed Chain & Hypnotic Routine — Many performers close their performance with this routine. Click the link to see why.
The Mother of All Pk Pens — A stylish functioning pen. An LED for misdirection. Deviously gimmicked to trigger your watch. You’ll love it!
Blown Away Magnetic Card — One of our top 5 favorites. To see the effect, click on the link. Unbelievable!
Blown Away Mag Quarter — For a quick routine, nothing beats the common quarter — although this one is far from being ‘common’.
Peek Deck — Predict time with the watch concealed in a Bicycle Deck. You’ll love the method!
Blown Away Pen — BIC & Papermate pens are the most recognized brands in the world. A perfect weapon in your arsenal.
Ungimmicked Watch Chain — This stylish stainless steel chain (ungimmicked) is a perfect match for your Blown Away watch.
Extra Gimmicked $1 Bill — These special bills are hard to find. It’s smart to have an extra one on hand in case you lose your original.
N52 (PK) Utility Kit — An assortment of PKs + tips for use, such as making a gaffed $1, & performing Blown Away with a borrowed bill.
Blown Away Jewelry Case — You never touch the watch in the jewelry case. Spectator removes it to reveal selected time. WOW!

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Save $94. Deal #3

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