Blown Away Jewelry Case


This is a real Jewelry Box that has been gimmicked. The effect is similar to the “My Lousy Inheritance Watch” that uses a gaffed pill box.
The effect is simple and direct. You display your pocket watch, set the time, and place it inside the box. You request a spectator to announce a time significant in his life, or to write the time down.
Since the case does all the “work”, you simply ask the spectator to pick up the watch. YOU DON'T TOUCH IT! He will observe that the time he selected was your prediction. A “hands-off” approach makes this an awesome psychic effect.


It's also great for repeat performances


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It’s great to have multiple methods at your disposal when performing with the “Blown Away” watch. That versatility not only provides additional entertainment but also keeps your audience puzzled how you are always able to predict the time. Great for repeat performances.

The Overwhelming Advantage of Our Timepieces Is That You Never Touch the Watch Once the Routine Starts.

The Spectator Handles it! That feature and the speedy 45 second movement makes this timepiece unique.

If Magic Was Real, This is What it Would Look Like!

Don’t Leave Home Without It!


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