Blown Away Ladies Watch Discount Package

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Everyone likes special deals that give extraordinary value. That's why we've put together this discount package deal with the purchase of the “Blown Away Wristwatch” for ladies.
The watch comes with a gaffed $1 bill. The package also includes the most popular and most frequently requested accessories that provide even more versatility. Check them out below. We think you'll like them.


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Everyone likes special deals that give extraordinary value that saves dollars. That’s why we’ve put together this package deal. You get the Blown Away Ladies Watch and the special $1 bill, as well as the most popular and most frequently requested accessories. These accessories makes your purchase even more versatile. This promotion is for a limited time only. So get it while you can.


Ladies Prediction Watch with $1 Bill, AND, extra battery PLUS

* “Gaffed Business Card Case” Why ask for the time. Have them write it down. Replace card face down into a business card case. In a New York minute, you’ve got it! Double the impact of your prediction. For your convenience, the $1 bill also fits inside the case.
*“Extra Gaffed Dollar Bill” It’s always smart to have an extra one on hand in case you misplace or spend your original. The gimmick is so devious and cleverly hidden that you might accidentally spend it. Don’t laugh! Because even we have done it!
* “PK Utility Magnets” We believe that magicians and mentalists have a special DNA gene that makes them so creative. We’re always inventing things. That’s why we are including an assortment of 6 very special, very strong, PK gimmicks. Use them to make additional accessories and utility props. We also provide several tips and suggestions. Some of these PKs are square, some rectangular, some circular. And they are also super thin. You’ll definitely use this package to enhance your Blown Away watch performances.
* “Extra Battery” Just like the $1 bill, it’s also wise to keep another battery on hand. They have a long shelf life. And when you do need it, it’s convenient to have one on hand so you don’t have to get in your car and purchase one for $5.

Include another method of performing “Blown Away” using a small box. This is essential for the “worker”.



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