Blown Away Armed (N52) Card


This is a superb method of doing the Blown Away effect. It functions in a similar manner as the gaffed $1. Front and back of Card can be freely shown. Be sure to check out the short video below.
It's highly recommended to have at your disposal a variety of weapons (methods / accessories) to performBlown Away. It's such a powerful effect, and you can be certain that you'll be asked to “do it again” — perhaps for a different person or group. Using different methods is disarming. It makes the effect impossible to explain.


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We hope you enjoyed this short clip. It was shot quickly to make your download faster. The “Magnetic Card” works in a similar fashion as the $1 bill. It’s easy to work with and it’s a great addition to your Blown Away accessories.
Simply insert the gaffed card inside a blue back Bicycle deck. While the card cannot be examined, it can be handled freely showing both front and back — and can even be used in some card tricks using an overhand shuffle.

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