Psychic Lantern


This is an offbeat accessory with lots of patter potential. (See detailed description.)
It's a replica of a Coleman Lantern — with one exception. An N52 gimmick is precision fitted on the bottom. It looks natural and appears to be a fuel container. Your wristwatch will be triggered when the lantern is within 2″ of the watch.
When you twist the bottom, the LED illuminates. The light makes the surroundings look intimate, warm, cozy. It disperses a decent amount of light that's helpful in subdued lighting settings.
LED's last for years. Lantern batteries are available and easily replaced.

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This lantern can be used in several settings, with specific patter tailored to the situation.
1. If you are table-hopping and the lighting isn’t great, you can say something like, “I don’t see a candle on your table, so I brought a little lantern to add some atmosphere. Makes things cozy, doesn’t it? Now I don’t want to overstay my welcome, so I’ll set my watch over here where I can see it better.”
That opening sets you up for the effect. And the timepiece can be ‘running’. Because of time misdirection, people will forget about the watch & lantern. You have ample opportunity to get a time selected & to do the reveal.
We’ve done this effect many times. It gets applause & lots of “NO WAY”, “COME ON”, “YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING”, plus words we can’t put in print.

2. What follows is a cute joke we use occasionally. It’s clean and gets a lot of reaction.
“Daddy sees Elmer walking with a lantern and asks, “Where ya going?” The son smiles and replies, “I’m courtin’ Peggy-Sue.” Father says, “When I went courtin’, I didn’t need no dang lantern.” “Sure Pa, I know.” the boy says. “And look what you got!”
3. Here are a few songs and common phrases containing the word “light”. Pick & choose the ones that work in your routine.


You light up my life
I’m Beginning to See the Light
You Are the Light of My Life
I’ve Finally Seen the Light
Light My Fire
This Little Light of Mine…I’m Going To Let It Shine
I’d like to shed a little light.
By the Light of the Silvery Moon

For more jokes, gags, and ideas, GOOGLE “lantern” or “light”.

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