Blown Away on Steroids

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Blown Away on Steroids. This is a one-of-a-kind “Blown Away”. It has the fastest movement on the planet. Maximum “wait time” is 24 seconds. Only 1 available.  Rare, and highly collectible. Complete with matching chain.



While fast, it's easy to nail the time within 3 minutes


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Fastest Blown Away Watch on the Planet“Blown Away” Gone Wild!  This is a one-of-a-kind model. It has the fastest movement on the planet.  Maximum.”wait time”: 24 seconds. Only 1 available. Huge Impact!
You introduce your pocket watch which is shielded from view with a dollar bill. A spectator writes down any time and keeps his selection hidden from view. Less than 24 seconds later, you blow the bill away to reveal the randomly selected time.  Once the watch is placed on the table you do not touch it!

Guaranteed reputation maker!


• Dazzle your audience within 24 seconds.
Spectator picks up watch. You don’t touch it.
• It’s examinable (including the $1 bill)
• Instant reset
• Do it with the watch in the spectator’s palm.
• Do it anywhere, anytime.
• It’s a handsome functioning timepiece.



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