Blown Away Peek Deck


Card workers who enjoy doing a psychic routine now and then will appreciate this accessory. The effect is direct and simple. Performer picks up a deck of cards and casually shows both sides. He removes most of the cards and places his watch inside. The deck is then placed upright on a table. He invites a spectator to write down a time (or, optionally, state a time).
Performer then picks up deck,tilts it at an angle, so the watch can gently fall out face down. Spectator picks up watch and the time written down (or stated) matches the time on the watch. Spectator picks up watch, and both sides of the deck can also be shown (optional).
Comes complete with a gaffed card box (blue back Bicycle) with gimmick, and complete illustrated instructions. 23 photos with explanations provide all the detail you need to quickly learn this dynamite effect.


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