Blown Away Pen


It's smart and wise to keep your prediction routines fresh by adding new accessories, especially if you perform regularly. That's why we have created a line-up of accessories for your Blown Away timepiece. The Bic & Paper Mate® Pen works with all of them.

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Bic and Paper Mate® pens are the world’s most-used writing instruments. Millions are manufactured and sold daily. Both pens were initially introduced during the 1940’s. Because these names are so highly recognizable, they never come under suspicion when used in a psychic effect. It’s the perfect organic accessory for your Blown Away timepiece!
After performing the Blown Away effect using a $1, why not change your method when asked to do it again for others who just joined your group? Those who saw it earlier viewed a $1 shielding a watch. Why not BORROW a $20, and place it several inches AWAY from the watch. After you remove the cap and ask a spectator to write his selected time, it’s only natural for you to replace the cap. At that point, everything is set. Ask the SPECTATOR to blow away the $20! Ask the SPECTATOR to pick up the watch. Because you don’t touch anything, no one has a clue. And it’s all examinable!

A must-have prop – Unexplainable psychic entertainment utilizing a HANDS-OFF Method


Unless specified otherwise when ordering, we will ship a pen with black ink and a black cap.



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