Blown Away Mag Quarter


Do this anytime in your set. Everyone likes effects with money — and the opportunity to win some. And that's exactly what you do.
Remove some coins & place them on a table. Set the time on your pocket watch. Place watch near the change. Bet a spectator that if he can guess the time you set, give or take 5 minutes, he gets some of the money (all the nickels, dimes, or pennies.)
A time is announced. SPECTATOR PICKS UP WATCH. YOU DON'T TOUCH IT! The time on the watch matches the selected time.

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A novel “patter” line (theme) is included. The patter gives you a logical reason for carrying a bunch of coins. Giving a 15-min. time range increases spectator’s chance of winning — although you can nail the time “exactly on the minute”. (Your Call). We like this effect because the spectator feels like the “superstar” and walks away with a little chump change.

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