Blown Away

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You introduce your pocket watch & shield it from view using a $1 bill.  A spectator writes down any time and keeps his selection hidden. A moment later you blow the bill away to reveal the randomly selected time.  Once the watch is placed on the table, you do not touch it!
Do Blown Away with spectator holding the watch. You won't find any other routine this strong. A Penn and Teller Fooler!


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You display a Westclox pocket watch. Patter could be something like, “This is an heirloom given to me by my great Grandfather”. He said, “It could predict any time that a person is thinking of”.  The pocket watch is placed on a table after the mentalist makes his prediction by setting the time.(For stand-up work, you can perform Blown Away with the watch in your palm or in spectator’s palm! See photos below.
The watch is now covered with a $1 bill, so no one can see the face. The spectator for the first time reveals the time he is thinking of. This time is noted & the mentalist “BLOWS” away the $1 bill without touching the watch.  It reveals the exact time thought of by the spectator. The watch & bill can be picked up by the spectator and examined. This is the “ORIGINAL  WESTCLOX  WATCH” with an enhanced internal design that makes it so easy to do the effect.
This watch, as an ungimmicked timepiece, is also a collector's item. The Westclox factory burned down on January 7, 2012 in LaSalle-Peru, Illinois. Two boys, ages 15 and 17 broke into their warehouse and set a fire that burned for 5 days.
Luckily, we still have under 50 of these awesome looking timepieces. To make a Blown Away product, we replace the original Westclox movement with one of our own. When we sell out, we will be unable to obtain this style of watch. If you ever wanted one, now is the time. Be sure and check out our incredible discounted packages that include the watch (at a lower price) plus a bunch of cool accessories.



• Dazzle your audience within 45 seconds. New & enhanced internal design.
• Do it anywhere, anytime – sitting down, standing
• Do it with watch and $1 bill resting in spectator’s palm, or your own palm. There are no superlatives to describe how strong this is!
• Even seasoned professionals don’t have a clue.
• Spectators picks up the watch.  You don’t touch it.
• Predict the time without using the bill. 
• Unveil the time at your discretion. 
• No awkward moves. No buttons to push.
• Learn the effect in 5 minutes. Instant reset.
• It’s a handsome functioning timepiece. 
• It’s examinable (including the $1 bill)
• Easy to replace battery. No jeweler required.
• Lots of accessories to vary your presentation

Place watch in spectator's palm. Cover with bill. A time is announced. Blow bill away. Spectator picks up watch. The times match. HUGE IMPACT. Everything can be examined.  A magician fooler!

Place watch in spectator’s palm. Cover with bill. A time is announced. Blow bill away. Spectator picks up watch. The times match. HUGE IMPACT. Everything can be examined. A magician fooler!

Blown Away Watch and Bill in Spectators Hand

Could this be a Penn and Teller fooler!

Video Demo




“Fastest Prediction Watch on the Market”
“Huge Impact”
“Tops any self-working effect I have ever used”
“Effortless to perform, easy to learn”
“Extremely impressed with reaction of TV audience”
“It’s so good I use it as a closer”
“This effect will help me book shows. So unique”


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Save $51. Deal #1

Save $77. Deal #2

Save $94. Deal #3

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