Casino Royale – Becker

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This is an unbelievable piece of mentalism from the brilliant mind of Larry Becker. It's not just a single prediction. Three predictions are made and they are all tightly knit together to produce a mind-blowing experience. The routine flows from one prediction to the next. You cannot go wrong getting this.
The one we have is still in its shrink wrap parcel. It was purchased by an estate owner but never opened. We decided not to open it in its original wrappings and box to ensure that it stays in mint condition. That is why we have not posted any original photos. But we assure you with a full money-back guarantee that everything you need is in perfect condition and has not been handled from the time of manufacture. The illustration in the description is NOT the actual props that you will receive that includes: Poker Chips, Wine Glass, Wooden Holder, Replica $100 bills with stripe, Deck of Cards, Sample prediction sheet, and complete illustrated instructions.

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Casino Royale


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