Chameleon Chest Viking-Becker

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This is one of the finest prediction chests around. The instructions state: “It literally works itself and best of all, when it comes time for the chest to be opened, the spectator does so while you are several feet away. It's this 'hands off' feature that makes the Chameleon Chest so effective.”
Several routines are included in the instructions:
1. Super shopper.
2. Challenge Headline Prediction
3. Ultinmate Q & A
4. Money Matters
5. Number Necromancy
6. Mirror Images
7. The Executive Suggestion Box
8. The Comedy Election
This Chameleon Chest is the real deal — manufactured by Viking Manufacturing Company. Register number:500013002CC copyright 2002.
This chest is in MINT CONDITION. NEVER USED. See photos.


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Chameleon Chest Viking Industries

A brand new Chameleon Chest. Mint Condition.

Chameleon Chest Viking Industries

Chameleon Chest Viking Industries

Chameleon Chest Viking Industries


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