Coin in Nest of Bean Boxes

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This magnificent apparatus was produced by Grant, circa 1960. We believe it was made by a craftsman named Arturo. The boxes are in very good working condition. Brilliantly made and a real fooler. The photos highlight the quality & finish of these boxes. Strictly for collectors & stage workers. The stacked colorful boxes make an elegant statement about the quality of your apparatus and its strong magical effect. We believe that very few of these boxes were made.
Remember: everything photographed is included (even the marbles, between 50 and 100), & instructions (not photographed).
Effect: A coin up to a US half dollaris borrowed & marked. Performer vanishes coin & displays a large red box with brass hinges. Upon opening the box, he removes a smaller yellow box & shows all sides to audience. When this box is opened, the audience sees a large quantity of clear marbles & a red ribbon. After removing a few marbles, the audience sees a ribbon attached to a blue box held in place by rubber bands. Spectator opens the box. Inside, he finds his marked coin.
Keep in mind that in the original routine, 'beans' or rice were used in lieu of marbles. Evidently the original owner used marbles instead of 'beans'.
Using marbles, (1) prevents anything else from entering the blue box except the coin, and (2) with proper lighting makes the marbles glitter & sparkle, which adds pizazzz to make the overall routine highly memorable.

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Next of Boxes
Next of Boxes

A borrowed coin is marked and subsequently vanished by performer.  He then removes a scarf covering a red box.
Next of Boxes
Next of Boxes

Next of Boxes

When the yellow box is opened, audience sees that it is full of marbles. There is also a red ribbon hanging from the box.

Next of Boxes
Next of Boxes

Blue box is placed on top of table top. Spectator is asked to open box.

Next of Boxes

When box is opened, spectator sees her initials on the same coin that was borrowed at the beginning of the routine. No switching of coins. This is the exact coin that was borrowed! Unbelievable!

The red box is sitting to the side. Magician asks a spectator for a quarter or half-dollar. Using a felt tip pen, spectator initials the coin so that it can be identified later. The performer vanishes the coin using his favorite method. (For example, we’ll assume you’re using the Haenchen Coin Box, which you can find on our Site.) Using the Haenchen coin box, performer asks a lady if she’d like to see a visible or invisible coin transformation. Magician rattles box to show quarter is still inside box. Performer then brings the red box into view. (Up to this point, box could be covered with a silk.)
Magician then makes a magic gesture. Spectator picks up box. The box is shaken. Nothing rattles inside. The box is open and the coin has disappeared. Performer comments that the impossible has happened and the quarter/half-dollar just might have traveled inside the red box. Magician opens the front door of the red box, and inside is a yellow box, which he removes.
Then spectator is asked to open the yellow box, Inside there is puffed wheat, or puffed rice, beans (or marbles) and a small ribbon. Magician tells spectator to gently take the ribbon and lift it up. The spectator lifts the ribbon and on the end of the ribbon, as the beans/marbles fall off, is found a small blue box with rubber bands all around it. Magician asks spectator to gently open the small blue box and witness a miracle: Inside is the quarter/half-dollar with the initials on it.
Keep these things in mind:
     • The coin inside the box is the same one marked by the spectator.
     • The coin is not switched.
     • Loading the coin is fast and silent and done at the beginning of the routine.
     • Performer can show all sides of yellow & red box.
     • Performer can let spectator pull the ribbon to remove the box, and open the box.

A modern day miracle!

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