Fields’ Famous Poker Hustle

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Six cards are shown. They appear to be five blanks and one 10 of Spades. The routine ends with the spectator holding one blank and a Royal Flush in Spades!
During the routine, the blank cards mysteriously turn into surprise “winning hands” of poker in a series of sucker bets. Only 6 cards are used.
Some things to consider:
1. No extra cards — no rough/smooth principle — No gimmicks to get rid of — No misprinted faces.
2. Fronts and backs of all cards are shown at the beginning, during the routine and at the end.
3. All cards handled by spectator. In fact they are in the spectator's hands at the climax of the routine when the Royal Flush appears!


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Fields Famous Poker Hustle
Resets easily, so it’s great for table hoppers. Comes ready to perform with the poker-size cards and a book-quality 16 page illustrated manual by Doyne Michie and Dan Garrett.
Also included is a bonus routine by George Cornford of Australia. If you are looking for a routine that lets your personality and performing style come through, this is it! An entertaining packet effect that makes sense!


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