Fields’ Famous Poker Hustle


Six cards that start as 5 blank cards and one “10” end up with the spectator discovering he's holding only one blank card & a Royal Flush!
Along the way the blank cards mysteriously evolve into surprise “winning hands” in a series of sucker bets.
Only 6 cards are used. No mis-printed faces. The fronts & backs are shown “freely” at the beginning, during, & end of the effect. All cards are handled by the spectator — in fact, are in his/her hands when the Royal Flush appears!


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Fields Famous Poker Hustle Dan Garrett
Explaining about a “famous poker hustle,” built around a series of bets of a one-card hand against a five-card hand, the performer shuffles a packet of 6 cards and then sets up the first be: one known card (a 10) against five unknown cards. The lone 10
10 wins when the “unknowns” prove to be five blank cards.

The next bet is the same – but this time the lone 10 loses, when one of the blank cards turns into a Queen. The Queen is traded for the 10 and becomes the “obvious” high-card “sure winner,” only to lose when the 10 is mysteriously joined by the Ace!
The hustler then trades the Ace for the Queen, giving the “sucker” the unquestionably highest card. The “Queen, 10, three blanks” packet is placed in one of the spectator’s hands, the “Ace” in the other. A final “bet” is made.
The SPECTATOR HIMSELF turns the Ace over, only to discover it blank. The spectator deals the “losing” five-card hand face up and finds that it’s suddenly a ROYAL FLUSH!


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