Forging Ahead in Magic

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Forging Ahead in Magic
John Booth
Published by Kanter's Magic Shop
Copyright 1939
2nd printing, 154 pages
Hardback in good condition. Text is clean and unmarked, binding tight. Front & back covers shows evidence of wear/some discoloration. On the inside of the front cover are the words “SAM '76”, which stands for Society of American Magicians, Assembly 76 in Miami Florida. On the Following page is the handwritten name of the owner, Lewis H. Womack Dated Oct. 1946.

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Forging Ahead in Magic by John Booth

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Building the Magic Act
     Special Openings
     Essential Components of the Act
     Closing Strongly
     Encore Examples
Chapter 2. Creating a Setting
     The important Mazda Glow
     The Power of Music
     Core of the Hands, Face and Clothes
Chapter 3. Before the Performance
     Position on the Bill
     How to Get Off to a Good Start
Chapter 4. The Style is the Thing
     How to Find and Build Up Your Style
     The Secret in Rehearsing
Chapter 5. The Voice of Experience
     Be your Own Playwright
     The Key to Dramatic Voicing
Chapter 6. Personality and Showmanship
     Development of Personality
     Cultivating Performing Greatness
Chapter 7. How to Get More Applause
Chapter 8. Manufacturing Your Own Glamour
     Curious Advertising Give-Aways
Chapter 9. Detailed Analysis of Newspaper Publicity
     Handling Newspaper Interviews
     Special Promotional Stunts
     GThe Magician-Author
     Sorcery Anecdotes COlumnists Seek
     These Stunts Paid Dividends
Chapter 10. They Want Your Picture!
     News Pictures That Count
     Solving the Professional Photograph Problem
Chapter 11. The Magic of the Ether
     Sketches, Interviews and Stunts
     Writing Radio and Luncheon Club Addresses
     Television Thaumaturgy
Chapter 12. Lucrative Direct Mail Ideas
     Engaging a Press Agent
Chapter 13. Better Bookings and Safer Contracts
     Booking Organizatipons Direct
     Success in the Lyeeum Field
     Night Clubs and Vaudeville Problems
     Pitfalls in Show Contracts
Chapter 14. How to Get Held Over



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