Hocus Pocus Hare

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With this trick, you'll have a lot of fun with your audience — and the kids will scream, laugh, and be totally amazed. You'll have your audience screaming that they know “how it's done”, but they'll be surprised!
This comedy magic trick has a double surprise ending. Very easy to do. In mint condition.
See below for detailed effect.

This is a great value.

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Hocus Pocus Hare
Hocus Pocus Hare
Hocus Pocus Hare
Hocus Pocus Hare
Effect: Show your audience a small picture frame. It’s a picture of a white bunny, dressed in a bright red vest. Put the picture behind your back, and when you pull it out again, the bunny has changed to a tan rabbit in a green vest!
Put the picture behind your back, pull it out and show the white bunny in the red vest again.
“You are just turning it around”, they’ll shout. Well, you make the most of this comedy situation. You can just repeat putting the frame behind your back and changing it back and forth. All the while, the audience will get LOUDER and LOUDER. And that’s just what you want!
It is obvious that you have just turned the frame around while it was behind your back.
The last time you do this, ask your audience which color they think the white rabbit has changed to.
“White? No- the rabbit has disappeared!” and take the frame from behind your back, showing the question mark coming out of the hat.
Now they will be screaming that they want to “see the back”.
Turn the card around- and show them the back- the BACK OF THE RABBIT!
Please note that we have supplied several photographs of the frame. Only one frame is shipped because it has been cleverly gimmicked to accomplish all the color changes.


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