Hustle, Hustle

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Hustle, Hustle is now a classic. Written by one of the most successful working magicians around. It is filled with information that will help you book shows and then book repeat shows.
The subtitle of the book is “The magic of Business”. We have seen Joel perform at trade shows. He is unbelievable by the way he captivates & holds an audience. And, as an aside, he gets paid very well for what he knows and does. Enticing people to buy your product & services can bring in big bucks!
So if you want to get in the game, get this book. You won't regret it. Only one available!


Mint condition softbound book of 144 pages.


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If it is your decision to make a living with the practice of magic, it can be and is already being accomplished by handfuls of strong-will, aggressive performers all over the world.
Once you adopt methods that consistently produce business for you, the everyday job of accumulating shows and opportunities to perform will become easier.
In ‘Hustle, Hustle’, it was Joel’s goal to define the money making markets where he has been successful. He stresses that trying to cover every possibility is a job too big for any rational being. He feels good knowing that he has provided a substantial amount of workable ideas which will increase you show work load.


Read what Dai Vernon had to say:


Essential information for any serious performer — “Too much for too little.”


And read what Daryl said:

The source of all answers to the real work…total convenience…



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