In Brief (Collector’s Workshop)

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A rare, high in demand, mentalism effect created by Collector's Workshop. A predicted time appears on a clock inside a black drawstring bag, which is inside an attache case. Spectator removes clock from drawstring bag. This is one of Collector's Workshop finest products that is seldom seen in a virtually pristine condition. Item sold for $1000.00 in an online auction not so long ago.
This is a one-man act. Can be performed anytime during your act. No accomplices. No forces. No remotes. Everything works flawlessly. Attache is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Don't let this one get away!

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As the performer enters the stage area, he is seen to be holding a business/attache case — which presumably contains apparatus for his show.
He asks two spectators to select a time: one announces an hour, the other a minute which goes along with the hour — for example 5:48.
The time is noted and the the briefcase is opened. A drawstring bag is removed and immediately handed to a spectator. The bag is opened and inside is a travel digital alarm clock.
The time showing on the clock is precisely the random selection of time by the two spectators.
While this effect can be performed at any time during a performance, we believe it is a perfect opener for any psychic entertainer.
Ideal for parlor or large stage work.
The attache can also be used as a close up case.

The briefcase is made of fine leather and is in super condition. It does not appear to have ever been used.
It includes the original instructions from Collector’s Workshop. There are two combination locks that can be reset, if you wish to do so.
Several photos were taken from different angles to show you its excellent condition.
Attache can also be used as a close up case.

This is a rare collectible item. In an online auction not too long ago, it sold for $1,000 after 17 bids were made.
It is our understanding that when last available, the retail price on this item was about $700.

We have thoroughly tested all ‘functions’ of this prop and everything works flawlessly.
This is a ‘solo’ effect. No remotes used. Can be quickly reset.
Get it while you can! You’ll likely never see another one in this condition.



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