Industrial Strength Quarter


RARE! Custom-made. Ideal for the Blown Away wristwatch. A devious gimmick! Wide magnetic field. So powerful it can lift a scissor.
Complete with illust. instructions & patter. Limited quantity. Sold only with a discounted Blown Away Wristwatch Accessory Package.

Don't let this one get away!


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Performer places some change on a table as well as his wristwatch. He suggests a wager. It’s based on the premise that the spectator has telepathic powers & can correctly divine the time set on the watch.
If the spectator is correct, she wins a genuine “Diamond Ring”. If she is incorrect, she buys you a drink (or whatever you think is appropriate.)

Amazingly, the spectator’s time matches the time on watch. Even more amazing is that performer never touches the watch once it’s on the table.
After the reveal, performer gives spectator a “Dime n’ Ring” (or whatever you think is appropriate.)
A top seller for Blown Away wristwatches. RARE, & we only have a few available. Sold with an “Accessory Wristwatch Package”. (5 “Dime ‘n Rings” included.)

If you like extraordinary, exceptional accessories that border on “real magic”, get it before we sell out.

It’s a killer!



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