Jack the Giant Killer

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This is an original Supreme Magic Trick that is extremely rare. In fact, we couldn't find ANY reference to it on the Internet. It is in New Condition and has never been used.
Apparatus consists of 3 large colorful wooden cut-outs that are in excellent condition. One is a figure or Jack the Giant Killer that has a hole through the center. The other 2 are giants heads that have holes drilled in their ears. Also supplied are two 12 foot lengths of green colored cotton ropes.
The routine, noted below, plays for a good 5-7 minutes. This effect is also well received with adult audiences. The large giant figures plays BIG with lots of excitement, audience participation, and plenty of laughs.


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Jack the Giant Killer Supreme Magic
Jack the Giant Killer Supreme Magic


“I’m sure that most of you have heart the story of JACK AND THE BEANSTALK. Well, you all know that when Jack climbed to the very top of the Beanstalk, which had grown up overnight from the Magic Beans he had been given, he went straight to the GIANT’S CASTLE.
What many of you don’t know is that there were 2 Giants who lived there. They were very fierce looking, but they were really awful cowards. Well, they took Jack prisoner — and I’m going to show you exactly what happened.
Here’s a model of Jack. He looks quite handsome, doesn’t he? Did you notice the hole in his belt? Well, he went right up to the castle door & squeezed through a small crack. He then came into a huge hall & and there sitting beside an enormous table were the two Giants.
One of them gave a sniff and with a voice like thunder yelled out — “Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell the bllok of an Englishman! And almost immediately a second voice yelled – “Fn Fi Fum Fee! A tasty morsel for our tea!
Suddenly a huge hand reached out & grabbed Jack by the seat of his pants and carried him struggling to the top of the beanstalk. One of the Giants even tied Jack up to the top of the beanstalk.
Look, I’m sorry but I came away from home in such a hurry – I forgot to bring the beanstalk with me. I suppose nobody could lend me one? No, never mind, perhaps I could have a boy to help me instead and we can PRETEND that he’s a beanstalk! (Volunteer comes up to stage. If you’d like you can hang a card on him marked ‘Beanstalk’) Hmm, that’ll do, I suppose.
As I was saying, one of the Giants grabbed hold of a couple of ropes and tied Jack to the beanstalk. (The ropes are passed around the boy and the ends passed through Jack.)
Now the next thing I require (A gag here is to take a slip of paper out of your pocket and glance at it as though it were a reminder) oh, yes, A COUPLE OF GIANTS.
Hands up the GIANTS would like like to help me! (Two are selected). Both are told to stand with their backs towards the audience. Give each one of the Giants’ heads to hold up in from of his own face. (Audience do not see the heads yet).
Now, when I count three and say ‘Giants, ABOUT TURN, I want you both to turn around and face the audience! OK? One, two —– three. Giants, about turn!
(This is another fine bit of business, and a real laugh-maker. Now separate out the ropes and give each two ropes to hold).
Let’s thread the old big heads onto the ropes shall we, because by now they were both getting very hungry, very hungry indeed and they both started moving towards Jack.
One Giant cried “Fee Fi Fo Fum~ A tasty snack for me, Yum , Yum!” And theother cried “Fee Fi Fum Fo! Into my tummy he will go!”
The first giant moved froward a little like this (move one of the Giant’s head up the ropes a few inches), then the second giant moved forward too. (Run across to the other side and move the other head up a little. This business of dashing back & forwards & moving the Giants nearer & nearer to Jack can be repeated and played up as you think fit. You will find that you can build up the suspence & excitement to a very high pitch)>
Poor Jack, he felt so nervous, he started to shiver and shake in his boots, and then suddenly he remembered a magic spell of an old Gizard – sorry, I mean a Wizard. The Old Wizard had told him that if ever he was in trouble he should should the magic spell GAZOOKA GAZEEKS – can you all shout that together — nice and loud?
Wll, what do you think happened? The ropes passed right through jackright through the top of the beanstalk – the two Giants knocked their heads together and Jack seized the opportunity of cutting them both off with his sword!
As the routine closes, lead the applause and when this has died down, hold up the cut-out of Jack and say “And how about three rousing cheers for the hero of our story — JACK THE GIANT KILLER!



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