Kidbix By D. Ginn

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Illustrated by Ed Harris
Hardback book
296 pages
Like new condition. No markings. Looks like it was never read.
(Dust cover not available)
To net it out, this book gives you “funny things to say, do, and make happen in your shows for children” A must have book for children's entertainers.

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Kidbix David Ginn

Table of Contents

1 – Warming Up Your Audience
     Crossing Warm-up
     Whisper Opening
     My Favorite Magician
     Stand Up, Sit Down
     Eddie the Monkey
     Coin Under the Chair
     The Vanishing Liter Coke Bottle
2. The Computer Baby
3. The Top Hat Trick
4. Raising Hands Gags
5. Jokes and Riddles for Kids
6. School Remarks
7. Microphone Gags
8. Mike Stand Gags
9. The Magician in Trouble Syndrome
     The Okay Bit
     I hurt My Thumb
     Great Magician Sign
10. When Something Goes Wrong?
11. Selecting Audience Helpers
12. Arriving on Stage
13. Getting Kid’s Names
14. Name Bits
15. Comedy Kids Names
16. The Name List
17. Comedy greetings
18. Who’s Who?
19. Questions and Answers?
20. Clothing Remarks
21. Jewelry On Kids
22. Short, Tall, Skinny, Fat
23. The expressions on Kids’ Faces
24. Standing Gags
25. Stage Movements
26. Prop Drops
27. Miscellaneous Dealings with Kids
28. Owa Tegoo Siam
29. Hats on, Hats off
30. The Troll Hunt
31. Un-ordinary Magic Words
   The First List
   Magic Words for the 1980’s
32. Birthday Party Stuff
33. Message in the Bottle
34. Balloon Gags
35. Mechanical Laughs
   GThe Hand Buzzer
   School Show Phoney Ring
   Circle to square
36. Big, Big, Big
37. Money Can be Funny
   Torn and Fixed Dollar bill
   Another Big Money Laugh
   Money For Sale?
   Somebody Stole My Dollar
   Gone in a Flash
   Money Auction
   Reel Bill
   Sock Purse
   Change Maker
   Money Lines
38. Kid Card Bits
39. Animals with Personality
40. Those Wilk and Dangerous Animals
   Animals Ad-Libs
   The Invisible Rabbit
41. Various and Sundry Edibles
   Miscellaneous Food Type Remarks
   Zipper Banana Switch
   FThe Popcorn Pan
42. Rings of Steel, Supposedly
43. Rope Lines … PLUS
   Great Cut and Restored Rope Trick?
   Ropes Thru Boy
44. Juggling Remakrs
45. The Jumbo Surprise SWand
46. A sure Fire Trio
   The Heavy Match
   THe comedy Sparkling Match
   Another Exploding Match
47. CHopper Comments
48. Comedy Card on Back
   TRhe Effectc
   Props and set-ups
49. Comedy Cut and Restored Neckerchief
50. The Wander-Filled Card in Balloon


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