Linking Ring Box Deal #1

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What You Get — Deal #1

Linking Ring Box: The gimmicked “Linking Ring Box” comes with the standard “MLI” gold-tone Timex timepiece. The MO is virtually identical to the “Standard Model”. It is ideal for a performer who enjoys story-telling and creating a patter line tying in the “Linking Ring” design. Lots of possibilities here! Ideal for an I.B.M. performer/member. Designed for upscale settings. Since we made only one of these, you won’t see anyone else using this prop. Complete with illustrated instructions including handling tips and patter.
The “Custom Category” primarily contains one-of-a-kind items. This gives professionals a competitive advantage when booking shows. They know they have an exclusive prop that hasn’t been seen before. Booking agents like to know that. You can be confident that you won’t hear someone whisper, “Oh, I’ve seen this trick before”?

Blown Away $1 Bill — Performer places a watch on a table top & drapes a $1 bill around it to shield the time from anyones view. Spectator selects a random time. The performer “blows away” the $1 bill from the watch revealing that the spectator’s time matches the time on the watch!

Outstanding Features

Performer does not touch the watch after it is placed on the table.

Spectator picks up the watch after the bill is “Blown Away”.

Watch and bill can be examined.

Watch is a fully functioning timepiece.

It is a reputation maker that will “Blow Away” any audience!

Gimmicked Pen: After performing Blown Away using the “pill box” or the $1 and delivering a knock-out punch, how should you respond when others join the group and you’re asked: “do that watch trick again”? That’s why we have created a variety of accessories that provide different methods of performing the Blown Away prediction. They keep your routines fresh and allow you to repeat the effect when necessary. The Bic Pen Works with all our Blown Away products.
Let’s assume that the people who saw your first performance viewed a $1 covering a watch. This time they see you borrow any bill & place it several inches AWAY from the watch. They see a spectator write down & conceal a time in a card case/*. (Gaffed) They see a person blow away the bill any time he wishes. They observe you didn’t touch anything — the watch, the bill. The effect appeared to be controlled totally by the spectator. The gaffed pen provides perfect misdirection & timing. Unexplainable entertainment!

Prediction Business Card Case — Spectator notes a time on a card which he places face down inside a card case. Audience sees both sides of the case. Spectator is asked to remove the $1 that is visible inside. This is the gaffed $1 noted above.
Performer closes the case & places the $1 bill around his watch to conceal a time he set earlier. A moment later, he blows the bill away from the watch. The time written down by the spectator matches the time on the watch.
What is so awesome about this routine is that everything flows naturally. No awkward moves. Excellent misdirection to get a “peak”. So simple yet devilishly deceptive. It’s so astonishing because the spectator touches everything “on the table”. You get a gimmicked black plastic business card case & 20 printed cards. Additional cards are available from us. Or, if you desire, you can easily use your own business cards.

Standard “MLI” Box: A drop-dead mentalism effect.This gimmicked pill box works in a similar fashion as the “Linking Ring” Box. It’s GREAT for repeat performances. Just use a another line of patter. Complete with instr. & gimmicked box. (Additional timepiece shown in illust. not included.)
It seems ‘ole auntie died & all she left you was this watch in a little pill box, $1, and oh yeah, a pair of teeny dice! (just what you always wanted!) You show everything. You place watch in the box & rest it on top of a $1 bill. You don’t touch the watch or the box again!  It’s in the box, in full view, for the rest of the presentation!
Spectator rolls the dice as many times she wants. You announce that the numbers she arrives at will determine the hours/minutes set on the watch.  Once she decides the time, she picks up the box & removes the watch. The time is a dead-on match! 
A miniature electronic miracle! Examinable. Quartz crystal has 1 yr. warranty.


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