Luvr’s Lock

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This is the real deal — not a cruddy knockoff. This is a Powerhouse Mental Effect!
Read the full EFFECT below. It's a mind blower — and has tremendous audience appeal. Includes lock and original instructions
For a comedy presentation, this effect could be used with a chain, with the chain wrapped around you AND THE SPECTATOR. Place through your belt buckles and wrap remainder of chain around yourself and spectator. Any chain can be used, and can be easily obtained from Home Depot or Lowes. You pretend to forget the combination — and the spectator is left trying to figure out how to untangle himself as well as you. Just imagine the comedy potential with such a small prop — and an 8' link chain.
In gently used condition. Mechanism works flawlessly.

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Lucr's Lock
Luvr's Lock
EFFECT/DESCRIPTION: You ask to borrow a couple’s wedding rings and you place the rings on the combination lock. After relocking it you hand the lock and rings back & ask the person to try and open the lock. They find that they are unable since they don’t know the combination.
You ask what year they were married. He responds (if he remembers, otherwise she does). With your powerful mentalism (and WITHOUT touching the lock) you alter the combination asking the person to enter that year on the dials aligning the numbers so that the blue line runs through the middle of the numbers.
PRESTO! The lock opens and the rings are returned to their owners. But…there’s more…
Then, while the crowed is still scratching their heads, you wander over to a couple holding a baby. You ask to place the baby’s teether on the lock. You lock it and hand it to the parents. They will inevitably try the date mentioned by the previous couple but alas, it doesn’t work!
The couple is congratulated on their beautiful baby and are then asked to enter the year of their baby’s birth onto the dials aligning the numbers with the blue line. Once again you announce that you will use your superior mental powers to change the combination with your mind (again WITHOUT touching the lock). Then suddenly, you guessed it, after they enter their baby’s birth year the lock opens. Performer returns the teether and you accept a roaring round of applause!

NOTE: The magician does not touch the lock after handling it to the couple nor after hearing the year! That is what makes this effect truly amazing!


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