Magic for Monsters

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Magic For Monsters
Magic for Monsters by Arnold Furst, Genii Publishing Company, Copyright 1960. 52 pages. Arnold Furst is not just a magician, but a thoroughly entertaining performer.
In this softbound back book, he presents his full one hour children's show in MINUTE detail. Every trick is described and explained in detail, together with exact word-for-word patter. It is soooooo good! Don't miss out.

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The effects in this book are arranged in the sequence in which they would be presented if they were all performed at one time.
To gain an “over-all” picture, the complete one hour show is described in detail with every word of “patter” and every movement of the performer.
The program can be given for a group of children between the ages of six and sixteen and can be presented on a platform or at an informal gathering or private party. It can even be performed as an assembly program before the entire student body in a school auditorium


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