Magnetic Force Deck


A deck of cards and a wristwatch is placed on a table. A random time is selected using 13 cards. After a few card routines, spectator is asked to pick up the wristwatch & note the time. The time on the watch matches the time selected earlier.
The performer never touches the watch after it's on the table. The spectator picks it up to check the time. No awkward moves. No rush to pick up watch. A mind-boggling mystery you'll perform often.

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Performer approaches a group at a table & asks for a few minutes of their time to witness a bizarre card effect. He promises not to overstay his visit & removes his watch to remind him.
He displays a deck of cards & removes 13 spades. He asks 3 cards to be removed. The 1st card represents an hour; the 2nd & 3rd card, a minute. The spectator does so & randomly selects an 11 for the hour, plus a 2 & 5 for the minute. (11:07).
Using the remaining cards, performer does a few effects. Before leaving, he asks spectator to announce the time selected earlier; he also picks up the watch & tells the group what he sees. The watch is set at 11:07!
A mind-blowing ending to any close-up routine. It defies explanation. A reputation maker. (Instructions also explain how to get a random time regardless of what cards are selected.)


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