Armed Memo Pad


This prop allows you to do deliver an unexpected two-punch ending for a prediction routine. Limited quantities in stock. Sold only with the purchase of a Blown Away Wristwatch, Premier or Pro.
Pure Magic. Solid Entertainment. Don't miss out.


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Outfitted with a potent PK. Only few available. We include 5 extra non-gimmicked pads. They are easy to find at office supply stores.
Embedded in the pad is a powerhouse N45 PK gimmick. No compromises in quality. The pad can be a good distance away from the watch. This is important as it makes the effect even stronger.
NOTE: In the effect below, it presupposes the performer is using a “peek” device to obtain selected time & is using the Pro or Premier watch.
This accessory is sold only with the purchase of a Blown Away wristwatch.
Performer removes his watch & asks for a time to be written down. He then draws the face of a clock on a pad and asks spectator to focus on the time he wrote down.
Amazingly, the time spectator noted esrlier matches the time on performers cpad. Now comes the knock-out punch. The spectator is asked to pick up the watch. The hands also match the time written on the pad!


The pad is positioned almost 2″ from the watch.
Spectator picks up the watch at the end of the routine
Performer never touches the watch once it’s on the table

Professionals know the impact of a two punch ending; two startling unexpected climaxes. Solid magic!

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