Mental Power Bar


A prediction effect that catches people totally off guard. Lots of smiles, laughs, and fun.
Performer displays several candy bars one at a time using puns and gags. While doing this, magi uses a clever technique to have a spectator select a time. The patter provides perfect misdirection.
At the very end, spectator is asked to look at performer's wristwatch on the table. The reveal is a total surprise and shock to everyone.
A routine the great Karrell Fox would endorse. Perfect for table-hopping.


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EFFECT: Tongue in cheek, magi removes his wristwatch & displays several candy bars with related puns and gags. Spectator guesses how long it would take to burn off the calories.
During this byplay, spectators are clueless about the ending. At the conclusion, spectator picks up watch. The time she guessed is on the wristwatch!
A gimmicked “PowerBar” with a powerful N52 inside the wrapper
Five “Dime ‘N Ring” props
Illustrated instructions, patter, & how to make the “Dime ‘n Ring”. (Wristwatch in pic not included.)


ROUTINE & PATTER – “Green Text” denotes candy performer places on table

“May I show you a Trix? Trix Bar set on table It won’t take much time. Watch placed on table It’s a rather nutty trick but it should give you some joy. Almond Joy I see you’re snickering. Snickers But this could be your big PayDay. PayDay I sense you have strong intuitive power that will set a new bar today. PowerBar. And with your permission, I’d like to prove it. OK?
“Now if I gobbled down this stuff right now, how long do you think it would take to burn off those calories? I know cause’ I checked it on Wiki. First, estimate the hours. OK, you’re in the zone. Zone Perfect Now let’s get a bit closer, like within 5 minutes. Name any minute that’s on your mind. Perfect! In fact, 100% perfect! Point to “Zone Perfect Bar”. I know what you’re thinking … I’m telling a whopper. Whopper Candy But I’m not. Could you pick up the watch and see how perfect your intuition is. What number is the hour and minute hand pointing to? OMG, you’re awesome! And you’ve just won a genuine Diamond Ring. “Dime ‘N Ring” gag propThank you!
Obviously, this routine uses way too many candy bars. We just wanted to give you several ideas. Simply choose what works for you. And have fun creating your own lines. Walmart has just about any candy bar you need. It’s easy to create impromptu lines and gags. Have fun with this.


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