Classic Grandfather Premier 1

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This is a limited production item we are proud to introduce. Only 10 will be made. It's for workers & collectors demanding only the finest. This stylish wireless-controlled clock is an electronic marvel. For stage or closeup, and even for use in your own home. For example …
Ever been asked to perform during a dinner? Imagine the reaction seeing a selected time appear on a clock located 20 ft. from the dessert table! It has a 45 second warp-speed movement. Yet it's totally in your control with a unique 'stop/start' feature that allows you to 'stop short' and then advance 'one- minute-at-a-time'. BULLS EYE. YOU NAILED IT!.


Our small silent transmitter has 3 modes of operation.

• Silent push button • Mag – – – – – switch.  • Toe switch (with no wires)

Performers freak out over the effect. They marvel at the impeccable elegance of the clock & its versatility when performing. So many options. So easy to learn. Money back guarantee!

You gotta see it to believe it.

Save $80 bucks. Only one available

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Classic Grandfather Premier


West6The design and functionality of this magnificent timepiece resulted from the collective recommendations of performers, engineers, and watchmakers. Our design criteria was based on features mentalists require for a psychic prediction. It’s speed is 45 seconds. While fast, it’s totally in your control. If you want, you can ‘stop short’ of your target, and then move forward in EXACTLY one minute intervals. It’s that good!
The cabinet has an elegant, stylish design. (13″ high, 4″ width, 2″ deep). Suitable for stage, closeup, home, or office. Visible at distances – large numbers and minute/hour hands. Inside the housing are three switches. One turns wireless operation on/off to conserve power. Another gives you the option to ‘start/stop’ whenever you want & ALSO to “lock in” the time; this allows you to patter as long as you want – but the time doesn’t change. The last switch is a battery check. Uses one 9V D cell; one 1 1/2V N cell.
The transmitter is small & quiet with button, toe, & PK ‘triggers’. It’s also a functioning timepiece that provides the ultimate in control: to stop whenever, and wherever you want and then advance in exactly 1-minute intervals. Devastating mentalism. This is our finest wireless product that is as close to real magic as you can get. There’s nothing else like it, anywhere. Complete with fresh batteries, illustrated instructions, and our redesigned transmitter.

State-of-the-art technology!


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