Miracles in Mentalism

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Miracles in Mentalism and Psychic Experimentation
Written and Compiled by Robert Nelson
60 paages
Copyright 1945
No markings on inside content, no missing pages*
Saddle Stitched Soft Cover
Very Rare
*Because of aging, 3 pages were carefully taped back into place in the binding


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Table of Contents


A.T. and T. Telepathy
Sealed Billet Reading De Luxe
Psychic Match Mystery
Dead Name Duplication
Telepathy vs. Coincidence
Turn Over Pellet Switch
The Green Hand
Nelson’s Impromptu Change Bag
A Subtle Touch with the Change Bag
Spirit Flashes in the Dark
Zella Prediction Trick
Out of this Phone Book
Radar Pencil Mental Routine
Improved Three Way Forcing
Nelson’s Cigar Change Box
The Twenty–First Stunner
Clean Out Slate Test
One Man Blackboard Test
Postal Inspection
Ghost Eyes
Frame of Mind
Try This on Your Piano
Mental Perception
Double Knockout!
Screwy Card Location
Out of the Ether
Change! Thought! Coincidence!
The Eighth Key to Baldpate
Future Hue
Past, Present and Future
Subtle Prediction Idea
A sensational Prediction
E-Z Mindreading
What You Can Do with Nelson’s THunderbolt Deck
Mentalism with Alphabet Cards
Wrinkles and Subtle Touches



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