My Lousy Inheritance “Desk Clock Conversion Kit”


If you own one of our “My Lousy Inheritance” timepieces, you can transform it into a classy lucite desk clock for your office or home. All you need is 2 minutes of time and our Conversion Kit. It's as simple as ABC.
You can also quickly remove the timepiece & use it with another accessory. Now you can now predict a time using a different prop. Perfect for clients and customers. This is something they'll remember!

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With this kit, you predict the time using a Desk Clock & one of your business cards. This timepiece is so adaptable & functional. Now you can do the effect with the “Pill Box”, the Gaffed $1, & the Desk Clock. Try it. You’ll like it! And so will your clients & customers. They will remember YOU & how YOU related the benefits of your products & services by using a Clock. We all know how effective magic is at trade shows. So…why not do it in your office? For a limited time, the price is incredibly LOW. Check our “Opening Day” Discounted Special Package Deals for “My Lousy Inheritance Timepieces.”
See the YouTube video below for a demonstration of the “Desk Clock”.



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