MLI “Linking Ring Box”

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In this category you will find a variety of cases that accommodate the My Lousy Inheritance timepiece. Each is unique and custom made. And why? Well, performers have asked us to produce a variety of one-of-a-kind models that are exclusive. This would provide assurance that no one else would be using the identical prop.
The “Linking Ring Box” comes with the Timex timepiece that is identical to the standard model. It functions the same way. Since this is an exclusive item, it is ideal for a performer who enjoys story-telling — weaving a patter line tying in the “Linking Ring” design on the box with the prediction watch. Lots of Possibilities here with I.B.M Ring Members! A truly unique item. Handling instructions are included. You won't see fellow compeers performing this. We only made two of them — and won't make any more to ensure they remain exclusive.

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Performing with a one-of-a-kind product gives you a competitive advantage when booking shows. You can also be confident knowing audiences have not seen it either. No close-up performer wants to hear someone whisper, “Oh, I've seen this trick before”.

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