Mysto the Mighty (Supreme Magic)

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Rare and collectible! “Mysto the Mighty”. Supreme Magic. All wood construction in excellent condition. Beautifully crafted. A highly unusual ending as the kids do not expect to see a rabbit being pulled from a hat. Packs small; plays big. 5 solid minutes of audience participation.

Get it while you can 'cause Mysto just might do one last disappearing act from this Site.


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Mysto The Mighty,Supreme Magic

“Mysto” in his performance wardrobe”

Mysto the Mighty Supreme Magic

“Mysto magically changes the appearance of his wardrobe. Of course, the kids think you secretly turned the picture around — and demand to see ‘the other side’.”

Mysto the Mighty Supreme Magic

“Oh my goodness! Imagine their surprise when you display the other side and Mysto magically changed himself into a rabbit, which you remove from a hat!”


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