Nielsen Vanishing Beer Bottle

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We all know the effect. A bottle is placed in a paper bag. The bag is then crunched up and tossed aside. The bottle has vanished. This is a finely made bottle that we think you will enjoy using.
This bottle comes from our estate inventory and is in good pre-owned condition. Original instructions included.

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Many effects are possible with this utility item. One effect is as follows:
You will need a paper bag in which to place the bottle. You may start by telling the audience: “I would like to show you a very simple effect using a paper bag and bottle of beer.”
Performer opens the paper bag, holding it in the left hand, so that if the bottle were placed inside, he could hold the bottle through the bag with his left hand. Pick up the bottle with the right hand. “I place the bottle of beer in the bag,” you say and grasp the bottle through the bag with the left hand.
“I pass my hand over the bag and the bottle disappears, said more emphatically this time. Again, glance into the bag and begin to look disappointed, then brighten as you turn the bag over to convince the audience that the bag is empty.
To get yourself out of this situation, step forward, smile and say: “Now the most difficult part of this trick is to bring the bottle back again.”
Performer holds the bag upright and passes his hand over it. He then reaches inside and pulls out the bottle only as far as it needs to be to reveal the bottle. Magi does this with a triumphant smile on his face. However, as he looks out at the audience, the audience see his smile beginning to fade as he hears their groands. Very slowly and with an extremely sad expression, the performer lowers the bottle into the bag, crumples up the bag and throws it over his shoulder. He then comments, “Well, so much for that lousy trick!”


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