Light Fright for Blown Away


We like this effect because the audience doesn't know what's going to happen until the very end. If you like story-telling, you'll love the premise, the audience participation, the suspense, and the unexpected prediction. Highly entertaining. Lots of interaction.

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EFFECT: Performer weaves a story about his insomnia & obsession of checking the time when awakened by a horrifying dream. He’s told by a doctor that candle light can be a remedy. The candle is lit. Weird things start to happen. Everyone is engaged!
At the end, a time previously selected appears on a wristwatch on a table. This was the time he saw the apparition in his dream. And NO ONE touched the watch! Shocking, unexplainable, entertaining. Great for a seance, or any mystical setting.
Easy to do. The plot and script (patter) are written in the instructions. (Illustrations included.) The story lines and misdirection are well thought out. This will make a wonderful addition to your wristwatch arsenal of accessories.


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