Penetrating Safety Pins (Giant Size)


This is probably one of the first magic tricks you ever learned — that is, if you're a “Baby Boomer”. And you likely fooled everyone you showed it to.
The problem now is that this type of safety pin (which is quite large and long) is difficult to find. We came across about two dozen of them and are making them available to you for $6 bucks (and that includes shipping and handling).
We are confident that you either have a family member or know someone who is getting started in magic and would really enjoy this set of pins. One of the biggest advantages of this set is that they don't get “stuck” during the 'move'. (And also, the pin is less likely to separate and spring open.)
We have photographed and written up a set of instructions so that the user of this effect will be able to learn it quickly. This pin is so constructed that it is also PERFECT fot the “Sliding pin on coat sleeve or dress shirt” effect.
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Perfect impromptu for table hopping!


So make someone happy this week!

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Magic Penetrating Safety Pins

Magic Penetrating Safety Pins
Magic Penetrating Safety Pins


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