Pet Secrets (Baker)

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Pet Secrets, Al Baker
Copyright, 1951
Publisher:George Starke
Binding/Spine of book is excellent; No markings on actual content; no missing pages.
There is an name/address sticker on the back of the front cover
The only yellowing is on one blank page in the beginning of book & on blank page at end of book.
This is Number 159 of a Limited Deluxe Edition of 500 copies
On the copyright page, there is a handwritten inscription: “To my Friend Edward Snyder, Sincerely, Al Baker”
Underneath the original handwritten signature of “Al Baker” is typed: “This is Number 159 of a Limited Deluxe Edition of 500 copies. The number “159” was handwritten in ink.

This is a rare collectible book in very good condition


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Al Baker's Pet Secrets

Table of Contents

1. Hair Magic
    Hair Secrets
    The Baker General Utility Hook-up
    The Double-Ended Hook-up
    The Balancing Card
    The Card From the Hat
    The Deck That Cuts Itself
    The simplex Rising Cards
    The Rising Ring
    The Grandfather Clock Trick
    Miscellaneous Hair Tricks

2. Thread Magic
    The Al Baker Arabian Beads
    Floating Glass of Milk
    The Hindu Thread Trick
    Coin Production

3. Rope Magic
    The Instantaneous Visible Restoration
    The Al Baker Lightning Pull
    The Doctor Cuts a Rope
    Ring and Tape Penetration
    Variation on Stretching a Rope

4. Card Magic
    The Jet-Propelled Card
    Double Impossibility
    Color Flight
    The Spectator Does the Trick
    The Impossible Force
    The Baker “Readers”
    Mental Discernment
    The Lie Detector
    Long-Distance Telepathy
    How To Force a Card
    The Card Between Glass Plates (Baker Improvement)
    Jumbo Switch
    Giant Gambling

5. Mental Magic
    Double Thought
    One-Man Billet Reading
    The Baker Billet Switch
    Center Tear Tip
    Mental Masterpiece
    The Telepathic Miracle

6. Money Magic
    The Baker Bill Tear
    The Stack of Quarters (New Method)
    The Vanishing Quarter
    Fun With the Money Making Machine
    Dime and Penny Gag
    The Bill in the Borrowed Lemon

7. Magic From Another World
    The Baker Spirit Photo
8. Various Magic
    The Baker Chewing Gum Trick
    Finesse With the Dye Tube
    The Vanishing Glass of Water
    Salt Flight
    Silk Transportation
    Sugar Cube Vanish
    Goldfish Production
    Bar Trick Fooler
    Egg Finale
    Rabbit Production
    The OBedient Snake
    The Short Highball



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